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What are Brick Vents?

What are Brick Vents? Brick is and will always be a building material for structures throughout the world. There is no question about the sturdiness of brick, as many centuries old brick buildings still stand to this day. The fire resistance of brick is a contributing factor to the longevity of brick buildings. They are […]

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Stainless Steel Access Doors

Stainless Steel Access Doors Stainless steel access doors are used for entry into to ductwork to access fire products. They can either be fire rated or not. An access door can be specially built for your particular application. There are also many different standard types of access doors in case you do not need a […]

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What are Aluminum Louvers?

Aluminum Louvers Aluminum louvers are extremely important for the proper ventilation in homes and buildings throughout the world. Aluminum louvers serve dual purposes as intake and exhaust ventilation. In homes, aluminum louvers can be found in basements to improve the air flow. They are nearly impenetrable by humans or larger animals due to the aluminum […]

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Fire Door Regulations

Regulations for Fire Doors As with any fire rated protection equipment, there must be regulations to ensure the safety of structures and its inhabitants. Without regulations, manufacturers could cut corners to save money or use inferior materials that could fail under intense heat. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), is the organization that sets the […]

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Air Control Products

Air Control Products for Safety Lloyd Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of air control products that reside in structures around the world. We have been in the HVAC business for over 35 years. Our specialties include fire safety air control products such as fire dampers, access doors, smoke dampers, backdraft dampers, and more. […]

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Fire Smoke Damper Manufacturing in Hong Kong

Lloyd Fire Smoke Dampers in Asia-Pacific Lloyd Industries has manufacturing facilities in Asia. This location gives us the ability to service our growing customer base along the Pacific Rim. We provide government buildings, hotels, casinos, and schools, with UL approved fire smoke dampers. Our HVAC equipment is approved by Underwriters Laboratories, British Standard, Hong Kong […]

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HVAC Fire Protection Systems

HVAC Fire Protection Equipment Lloyd Industries is a world leading provider and manufacturer of HVAC fire protection systems. The safety of the inhabitants inside the structures that our HVAC products are installed in is our top concern. We use the best materials in the manufacturing process to ensure fire protection and workability. Our network of […]

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