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  • 2-SRCF 2″ Channel Frame Louver

  • 2-SRCF-COMBO 2″ Intake/Exhaust Combo Louver

  • 2-SRF 2″ Flanged Frame Louver

  • 2-SRF Combo 2″ Flanged Frame Louver

  • 2″ Flanged Frame Louver Galvanized, Stainless, and Copper

  • 4-CBL 4″ Chevron Blade Louver

  • 4-CBLF 4″ Chevron Blade Louver (Flanged)

  • 4-DL-33 4″ Drainable 33° Louver

  • 4-DLF-33 4″ Drainable 33° Flanged Louver

  • 4-SRCF 4″ Channel Frame Louver

  • 4-SRCF-COMBO 4″ Intake/Exhaust Combo Louver

  • 4-SRF 4″ Flanged Frame Louver


Lloyd Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of louvers. We have a large selection of louvers available. Our louvers are made with high quality aluminum at our advanced manufacturing facility.

Louvers we have available:

Channel Frame Louvers
Intake/Exhaust Combo Louvers
Drainable Louvers
Flanged Frame Louvers
Chevron Blade Louvers

If you are interested in louvers, or do not see the type of louver you are looking for, chances are we will have the louver you are looking for even if it is not displayed above.  Contact your local louver representative on our Local HVAC Rep page. You can also Contact Lloyd Industries directly.