Air Control Dampers

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  • AC-10 Parallel Blade Air Control Damper

  • AC-10 Single Blade

  • AC-10AF Parallel Blade Air Control Damper

  • Ac-20 fire damper

    AC-20 Opposed Blade Air Control Damper

  • AC-20AF Opposed Blade Air Control Damper

  • AC-30 Spiral Duct Air Control Damper

  • AC-40 Single Round Air Control Damper

  • COMBO-20 Combo Air Control Damper (2″ Louver & Motor)

  • COMBO-21 Combo Air Control Damper (2″Louver&Quadrant)

  • COMBO-22 Combo Air Control Damper (4″Louver&Motor)

  • COMBO-23 Combo Air Control Damper (4″Louver&Quadrant)

  • COMBO-24 Combo Air Control Damper (6″Louver&Motor)

Air Control Dampers

Also known as a Volume Balancing Damper, air control dampers are used in situations to control airflow and are considered medium to heavy duty. Available in parallel blade when greater control is required near the top end of the damper or for systems requiring position operation (fully opened or fully closed), as well as opposed blade in applications where it is necessary to maintain even distribution of air downstream from the damper. We can install motors on to an extended shaft, as well as a manual hand quadrant. Jamb and blade seals are an option to assist in the decrease of airflow on these dampers that can be made as galvanized, stainless (316) or aluminum.

If you are interested in air control dampers, you can contact your local air control damper representative on our Local HVAC Rep page. You can also Contact Lloyd Industries directly.