Backdraft Dampers

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  • AC30-BRD fire damper

    AC30-BRD Spiral Duct Back-draft Round Damper

  • AC40-BRD Classic Back-draft Round Damper

  • LBD-1 Channel Back-draft Damper

  • LBD-1-COMBO-2 Back-draft Damper/Louver Exhaust Air Combo

  • LBD-1-COMBO-3 Back-draft Damper/Louver Intake Air Combo

  • LBDF-1 Rear Flange Back-draft Damper

  • LBDF-2 Front Flange Back-draft Damper

Back Draft Dampers

Proper airflow is a critical factor in keeping the indoor air fresh and free of most odors. Large commercial areas like shopping malls, warehouses and manufacturing units can heat up quickly, which can cause foul smells to materialize. “Our Back Draft Dampers ensure that excessive heat and foul smelling air within a room do not persist. They allow this air to be transferred out of the room, and are designed to prevent reverse airflow”, explains Manager of Lloyd Industries Inc. In the industries where workers have to operate around dangerous vapors or fumes, back draft dampers are also used to reduce the risk factors of working in that atmosphere with those gases. Back Draft Dampers are created with high quality aluminum and are checked for standards at Underwriters Laboratories.

If you are interested in back draft dampers, you can contact your local back draft damper representative on our Local HVAC Rep page. You can also Contact Lloyd Industries directly.