Ceiling Radiation Dampers

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  • CRD-50 Rectangular Ceiling Radiation Damper

  • CRD-55 Round Ceiling Radiation Damper

  • CRD45-LT Blanket Ceiling Radiation Damper

  • CRD45-LTD Blanket Thin Ceiling Radiation Damper

  • CRD50-4X Single Blade 4in Ceiling Radiation Damper

  • CRD50-6X Single Blade 6in Ceiling Radiation Damper

  • CRD50-EA Rectangular Easy Access Ceiling Radiation Damper

  • CRD55-EA Round Easy Access Ceiling Radiation Damper

Ceiling Radiation Dampers

Ceiling Radiation Dampers are available in butterfly style and curtain style. They are used to protect HVAC openings in fire-rated horizontal ceiling assemblies. A ceiling radiation damper closes automatically to restrict the passage of heat. Operated by a fuse link, these dampers come spring-loaded and are available with an easy-access assembly. This allows the consumer more access to the damper in the event that maintenance needs to be performed or the fuse link requires replacing. Ceiling radiation dampers are also applicable for installation in boots and register boxes. We fabricate insulated and non-insulated boxes as well as 90°, End and Straight boots.

If you are interested in ceiling radiation dampers, you can contact your local ceiling radiation damper representative on our Local HVAC Rep page. You can also Contact Lloyd Industries directly.