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  • SB-1 Vertical Security Bar

  • SB-2 Vertical and Horizontal Security Bar

Fire Damper Security Bars

Lloyd Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of fire damper security bars and HVAC equipment. Security bars for fire dampers will deny access to restricted areas. Solid steel security bars can be unfinished or finished as zinc plated, painted, or with black oxide. Fire damper security bars are to be installed in the sleeve or curbs.

Types of Fire Damper Security Bars we Offer:
Vertical Security Bars
Vertical and Horizontal Security Bars

We have been manufacturing HVAC equipment for over 30 years. Our experience has resulted in our products becoming the most sought after in the HVAC industry. Our metal inert gas welded fire damper security bars are no exception.
If you are looking for the highest quality fire damper security bars, give us a call at (215) 412-4445 or Request a Security Bar Quote.