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Smoke Dampers and Indoor Air Quality

When reviewing building schematics, it is always important to verify that fire regulations are being followed and that your home or building is up to code with fire dampers and smoke dampers in place. While these dampers are essential to keep occupants unhurt in case of a fire, they also play a part in keeping […]

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7 Things You Want to Know About Fire Dampers

When fire strikes, the last thing we want to consider is how our HVAC (heating, venting, and air-conditioning) system works to stop the spread. But we are beyond grateful that it operates in such a manner to slow down and stop the fire from creating a mass casualty event, thanks to a simple little item […]

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Backdrafting and Furnaces – The Hidden Danger

Backdrafting may be something you think of in relation to fires. While it is indeed a common term within firefighting to describe when a fire has consumed all available fuel and then suddenly explodes when more oxygen is available, it is also a term used when discussing large household appliances and HVAC (heating, venting, and […]

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What are CRDs and CRD Boots?

When your home or business is being constructed, you depend on your contractors and expert team to create the safest building possible. With that in mind, they will be utilizing CRDs and CRD boots as part of their disaster protection plan. You’re not alone if you’re in the dark about what CRDs and CRD boots […]

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