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hvac dampers

What is the Difference Between HVAC Dampers and Fire Dampers?

When discussing your building plan with contractors, it is essential to note what dampers are necessary throughout the structure. Your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning) specialist may suggest fire dampers to you, depending on what type of building you have. What exactly is the difference between HVAC dampers and fire dampers? What Do HVAC Dampers […]

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heater backdrafting and corrosion

What to Know About Water Heaters and Backdrafting

When we initially hear about backdrafting, we might think about fires and explosions. Backdrafting regarding water heaters may not be as dramatic as movie production, but the concept is similar. So, let’s look at what backdrafting is concerning water heaters and why it is essential to know about it. What is Backdrafting? Backdrafting is when […]

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Corridor Fire Smoke Damper

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Smoke Dampers

Smoke dampers, like fire dampers, are part of your overall HVAC (heating, venting, and air conditioning) fire defense system. They protect your building in case of a fire or smoke event. While they serve a potential life and building-saving purpose, we do not think about them except when they are pulled into service. Read on to […]

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fire dampers

Fire Dampers Based on Your Site’s Architecture

When designing a building, architects need to take many things into account. The way a building looks is one of the primary concerns, for certain. Just as important, though, is making it safe for the occupants and for those that are nearby. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the passive fire protection […]

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