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Fire Doors: Everything You Need to Know

While you may recall fire safety as “stop, drop, and roll” from your childhood, fire safety in buildings includes having the right products installed to help prevent the spread of flames and smoke. Investing in proper fire safety products is essential to keeping your building – and the people in it – safe in the […]

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Why Ceiling Radiation Dampers Are a Crucial Part of Fire Safety

Ceiling radiation dampers provide a level of protection every day in commercial buildings all over the world. Essential to the safety of your building, ceiling dampers take part in protecting your building and the people in it during a fire. Many believe that fire dampers are enough, but ceiling dampers are essential as well! What […]

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The Importance of Fire Damper Security Bars

Fire dampers continue to be essential for your home or building in the event of a fire. Unfortunately, they also provide a very easy access point for someone looking to break in. We don’t want you to choose between fire safety and ensuring no one breaks into your building, which is why Lloyd Industries provides […]

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