The Importance of Fire Damper Security Bars

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Fire dampers continue to be essential for your home or building in the event of a fire. Unfortunately, they also provide a very easy access point for someone looking to break in. We don’t want you to choose between fire safety and ensuring no one breaks into your building, which is why Lloyd Industries provides security bars meant to keep your building safe.

What is a Fire Damper?

Fire dampers are passive fire protection products used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts that prevent the spread of fire inside the ductwork. While the standard thought for fire safety includes smoke detectors, fire blankets, fire alarms, and extinguishers, fire dampers play a crucial role that’s often overlooked.

Fire dampers begin working when a room temperature rises to around 165 degrees Fahrenheit. The damper has a fusible link that will melt, closing its door. Once the door closes, it prevents the spread of fire, keeping damage to a minimum. Fire dampers are also programmed to close when they receive an electrical signal from a fire alarm system. This signal senses heat or smoke in the building or the HVAC ducts.

Different Types of Fire Dampers

Dynamic Dampers

Static Dampers

Dynamic Fire Dampers

Dynamic dampers are installed into fire-rated barriers and feature a spring-loaded design. Dynamic dampers are tested and listed to close while air continues flowing through the duct; this is defined as a dynamic system.

Static Fire Dampers

Static dampers are installed as barriers. They have a curtain-like design. HVAC systems that use static fire dampers are designed to turn off the fan when the fire alarm system activates, allowing the damper door to fall due to the weight of gravity.

What’s a Security Bar?

Security bars help protect windows, doors, and other entry points to a building from intruders. Businesses typically install security bars in areas where intruders can break through unprotected doors or windows, giving them access to the building’s interior or other vital spaces. 

This includes their HVAC systems and other access points not commonly thought of. In addition, we build our security bars, ensuring they won’t interfere with any parts of your system, allowing it to work seamlessly even with an added layer of protection.

What Types of Fire Damper Security Bars Exist?

SB-1 Vertical

SB-2 Vertical and Horizontal

Lloyd Industries SB-1 Vertical Security Bars

The SB-1 style contains vertical bars that separate the metal structure into sections. The bars are approximately 6 inches apart from one another to prevent access to the fire dampers. The style also comes in unlimited sizes to fit any fire damper. 

Lloyd Industries SB-2 Vertical and Horizontal Security Bars

The SB-2 is a grid style that offers horizontal and vertical bars for additional protection. Our security bars for fire dampers are solid steel and are available unfinished or plated with zinc, painted, or finished with black oxide. 

Why Fire Dampers Need Security Bars

One of the most common access points to your building we recommend securing is your fire dampers and other forms of ventilation throughout your HVAC unit. If someone were trying to break in from the roof, they would be able to climb right into a duct and move throughout the building.

Installing the bars prevents someone from accessing your HVAC system. While it may be possible to break through the bars by cutting or sawing through them, this would take time and make quite a bit of noise, most likely deterring an intruder. Make sure they are placed strategically throughout your unit.

How Do Security Bars Work? 

Fire damper security bars are placed inside your fire damper and fastened to the damper sleeve or curbs throughout your unit. While reducing security risks, it also reinforces your equipment. Confirm they are placed in the right location throughout your system for maximum efficiency. 

How to Install Fire Security Bars

If you are comfortable installing the bars on your own, we offer detailed instructions to help you accomplish this. However, if you aren’t comfortable installing them yourself, our knowledgeable reps would be happy to answer any questions and complete the installation on your behalf. 

Where to Buy Fire Damper Security Bars?

Great question! Lloyd Industries has continued to be a leading manufacturer of access doors, fire and smoke dampers, and HVAC products for the past 35 years. We pride ourselves on offering different types of security bars to suit your needs while helping you to protect your business or home from intruders!  

Why Lloyd Industries Products?

Lloyd Industries products are top-of-the-line. Geared towards commercial real estate, they continue to keep up with demand. Lloyd Industries prides itself on keeping its products up to code and offering a wide variety of sizes to suit your needs. 

Lloyd Industries offers downloadable installation guides to walk you through each step as you install yourself. However, if you aren’t comfortable doing the installation yourself, check out our listing of local reps that can service your needs and inspect your system.

Lloyd Industries continues to create new products every day, provide top-tier customer service, and stay committed to providing safe and affordable products while staying relevant in the field.

Maintenance Upkeep for Your Fire Damper Security Bars

While your security bars don’t need maintenance, have the technician check for any visible damage if you have consistently scheduled maintenance. After all, if they are damaged, that means someone has an easier chance of breaking in.

We don’t recommend replacing your security bars unless there is visible damage or they are no longer in place. If you are concerned, consider reaching out to a local company to assess the damage and determine if everything is working correctly. 

They can also confirm if your unit has security bars that will need to be replaced soon. The technicians will provide a quote on-site for any necessary work and complete the installation for you, usually during the same visit.

Keeping your building safe from fire and intruders is one of our top priorities. We pride ourselves on our all-steel construction bars that are meant to last. Reach out today for a quote and to place an order with us. Lloyd Industries is one of the best in the business for a reason!

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