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Mastering Fire Dampers: Unveiling 6 Types and Their Impact

When contemplating the essential components for your HVAC system configuration, dampers play a vital role. Dampers, including various types of dampers such as automatic dampers, manual dampers, parallel dampers, opposed dampers, balance dampers, bypass dampers, and fire dampers, become a crucial consideration. The pivotal question arises about the type of dampers to install. The plethora […]

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fire dampers

The History of Fire Dampers

In 2020, a fire department responded to a structure fire on average every 23 seconds. However, thanks to the tremendous strides made in the invention of fire suppression devices, losses from those fires have been mitigated. One of the crucial weapons in the battle against fires is how we construct our HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). […]

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