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Air Control Products for Safety

Lloyd Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of air control products that reside in structures around the world. We have been in the HVAC business for over 35 years. Our specialties include fire safety air control products such as fire dampers, access doors, smoke dampers, backdraft dampers, and more. Please browse our large selection of air control products.

Below we explore the basics of air control products.

Collection of Air Control Products
Air Control Products


What do Air Control Products Do?

Dependant upon the application, air control products serve many different air ventilation needs. HVAC products circulate air throughout a structure to keep the occupants comfortable and breathing clean air. Air control products can also alleviate moisture from accumulating on brick buildings.

Fire and smoke safety air control products are a crucial component to keep a buildings occupants safe. An industrial use would be the proper ventilation of dangerous and/or flammable fumes from a warehouse or factory.


Fire Safety Air Control Products

Depending upon the air control product you have, there are many uses for these products. Primarily the main use is for safety. Fire rated air control products have saved many lives and structures alike. Preventing smoke and fire from spreading throughout a structure is the primary function of fire safety air control products.

Fire safety air control products serve many different purposes. Fire dampers will close shut when heat is detected. A smoke damper that is installed in the ventilation ductwork will close shut to stop the spread of smoke throughout a building. A backdraft damper can prevent fires through reverse air flow to rid a room of flammable fumes.

Be sure to consult with an HVAC professional like Lloyd Industries to discuss the many options to make your structures and its occupants safer from fire and smoke.

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