What are Brick Vents?

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What are Brick Vents?

Brick is and will always be a building material for structures throughout the world. There is no question about the sturdiness of brick, as many centuries old brick buildings still stand to this day. The fire resistance of brick is a contributing factor to the longevity of brick buildings. They are also immune to termites and are aesthetically pleasing. Brick does not harm the environment either. Regular upkeep is needed in any building, a brick building is no different. An important step to its longevity is to have proper ventilation throughout the brick structure by using brick vents.


Brick Vents
Brick Vents


How Brick Vents Work

A brick building is like a sponge in that it will absorb rain water. Without proper ventilation, the bricks will begin to mold and ultimately weaken. Some brick buildings use weep holes which are a series of small openings near the bottom of the wall for drainage and ventilation. These holes can be unsightly and attract insects and rodents into the structure.

The most effective way to ventilate a brick building is by the use of brick vents. They are engineered to be the same size as a brick so they blend in well with the rest of the wall. They allow for airflow throughout the brick structure while eliminating access for rodents, water, and insects. Brick vents are available in a variety of finishes to match your brick structures design.


Brick Vent on a Building
Brick Vent on a Building


Lloyd Industries Brick Vents

Lloyd Industries is a worldwide leading provider of HVAC fire rated safety and ventilation products for structures throughout the world. We have been manufacturing a large variety of brick vents for over 35 years that have stood the test of time aesthetically and continue to be structurally sound. Whatever the design or purpose of your brick building is, we can supply you with the exact type of brick vent to suit all your needs.

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