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Stainless Steel Access Doors

Stainless steel access doors are used for entry into to ductwork to access fire products. They can either be fire rated or not. An access door can be specially built for your particular application. There are also many different standard types of access doors in case you do not need a custom one. A stainless steel access door typically comes in several types including fire rated, non-fire rated, round hinged, stick-on, and access doors for sheet metal installation.


Stainless Steel Access Door
Stainless Steel Access Door


Fire Rated Stainless Steel Access Doors

A fire rated stainless steel access door helps save structures from fire and or smoke damage. They shut automatically when they detect heat from a fire. Stainless steel fire rated access doors are rated by the amount of time they can be exposed to flames on one side of the door. For example, a 1.5 hour stainless steel fire rated access door can be exposed to open flame for 1 and a half hours. There are different levels of ratings for the amount of time that an access door can be exposed to open flame.

A fire rated stainless steel access door must have a fire resistant label attached or embossed on the access door that specifies its fire rating. This label must not be painted over or removed during the lifetime of the access door.

Lloyd Industries Access Doors

Lloyd Industries is a worldwide leading provider of HVAC fire rated safety products for structures throughout the world. Along with stainless steel access doors, we also manufacture square, rectangular, and round non-fire rated galvanized steel access doors.

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