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How to Choose an HVAC Manufacturer

As with any manufacturer of any product, there are good ones and not so good ones. The obvious question is how to discern which manufacturer has high quality products and longevity in the industry. Here we have some tips on finding the right HVAC manufacturer for you.

HVAC Fire Protection Products
HVAC Fire Protection Products

Get a Referral

In the Internet age, it is much easier to perform research on HVAC manufacturers than it was before the Internet. That being said, there is no replacement for a referral from a trusted source. This holds true today as it did 50 years ago. Getting a referral means that the HVAC manufacturer has performed their duties to the satisfaction of others in your industry. That is exactly what you want in an HVAC manufacturer.

Choose an Established HVAC Manufacturer

If you have a large project that calls for an excessive amount of HVAC equipment, choosing an HVAC manufacturer with a long history will be your best bet. An established HVAC manufacturer will have processes in place geared towards both large and small projects. From the order taking, to the manufacturing, to the delivery, an experienced HVAC manufacturer will have all these steps optimized. A newer HVAC manufacturer with limited experience may be overwhelmed with the volume of product needed. With inexperience in all of the sales cycle, there will be far more chances for delays or complete failure of delivery.

Price Hunting

There are some products where choosing the most inexpensive version will suffice. This does not hold true for HVAC equipment. Replacing HVAC equipment that is cheaply made will be problematic at best and a huge expense. It could also be life threatening for inhabitants of buildings with fire protection HVAC equipment installed. Not to say cost is not a factor, but it should not be your number one criteria for choosing an HVAC manufacturer.

Using your Intuition

When first contacting an HVAC manufacturer, have a list of questions prepared. If your point of contact does not answer these questions to your satisfaction, that may be a sign to keep looking. However, your contact may be new at their job or are not well versed in what your needs are. We would suggest to ask to speak with a supervisor. If still your questions are not answered satisfactorily, than that would be a sign to move on. If a companies point of contacts are not answering your questions from the start, imagine what it will be like when a problem arises.

HVAC Manufacturer Lloyd Industries
HVAC Manufacturer Lloyd Industries

HVAC Manufacturer Lloyd Industries

Lloyd Industries is an established HVAC manufacturer providing the world with high quality HVAC equipment. Strategically placed manufacturing facilities and a network of representatives help to ensure your HVAC equipment will be delivered on-time and within budget.

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