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Roof curbs

Roof Curbs 101: Mastering the Vital Role of Roof Curbs in Commercial Roofing and Why It Matters

When it comes to commercial roofing systems, “roof curbs” play a pivotal role in ensuring proper functionality and efficient installations. These small but critical components serve as the foundation for rooftop equipment, such as HVAC units, exhaust fans, and other mechanical systems. Roof curbs provide a stable platform for securing rooftop equipment, maintaining weather-tight seals, […]

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HVAC in winter weather

Get Your HVAC Ready for the Winter Weather

As everyone soaks up the last bit of summer, it’s crucial to start preparing for the winter weather. Some people wait until they need to switch on the heat before thinking about preparing their system, but by preparing for the winter weather now, you’re giving yourself plenty of time to ensure there are no issues. […]

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HVAC Efficiency for Winter

As we migrate into the winter months, there may be a lot of questions lingering about your HVAC system and how to make sure it’s working efficiently. When your system is running efficiently, it uses the least energy while being the most productive. The more efficient your system runs, the more money you save! So […]

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hvac in the winter

Preventative Maintenance and Caring for your HVAC this Winter

Properly caring for your HVAC unit is imperative to its success and longevity. When you own a commercial space, preventative care is essential during the winter as your HVAC system works to keep an entire building warm through colder temperatures.  What is HVAC? HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Your HVAC system is […]

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Why HVAC Air Filters Matter: Exploring Their Vital Role

Why Are HVAC Air Filters Important? When it comes to maintaining a safe and comfortable environment in your building, your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system plays a pivotal role. However, there’s a vital but often overlooked component that deserves our attention – the air filter. These seemingly unassuming filters serve a crucial purpose […]

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dampers for all your hvac needs

Dampers for All Your HVAC Needs

For more than 35 years, we’ve been manufacturing HVAC fire dampers, HVAC air control dampers, and many other trusted HVAC products to meet our customers’ needs. Lloyd Industries Inc. has continued to provide Underwriters Laboratory with products essential to the HVAC industry, including modern HVAC fire damper protection equipment, while continuously developing our services and […]

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Choosing an HVAC Manufacturer

How to Choose an HVAC Manufacturer As with any manufacturer of any product, there are good ones and not-so-good ones. The obvious question is how to discern which manufacturer has high-quality products and longevity in the industry. Here we have some tips on finding the right one for you. Get a Referral In the Internet […]

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fire damper

HVAC Fire Protection Systems

HVAC Fire Protection Equipment Lloyd Industries is a globally renowned provider and manufacturer of HVAC fire protection systems, and our commitment to the safety of the people within the buildings where our products are installed is unwavering. We prioritize the use of premium materials throughout the manufacturing process, guaranteeing both effective fire protection and excellent […]

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