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For more than 35 years, we’ve been manufacturing fire dampers, air control dampers, and many other trusted HVAC products to meet our customers’ needs. Lloyd Industries Inc. has continued to provide Underwriters Laboratory with products essential to the HVAC industry, including modern fire damper protection equipment, while continuously developing our services and products to meet the many needs of our customers.

At Lloyd Industries Inc., we pride ourselves on the various dampers we are able to offer. Our dedication to exceptional product quality and customer satisfaction is our top priority. You’ll find knowledgeable representatives in your area who are ready to answer your questions and provide you with product options offered at reasonable prices.

While we have a variety of products to meet your HVAC needs, we’re going to focus on a handful of our dampers including:

  • Air control dampers
  • Backdraft dampers
  • Ceiling radiation dampers
  • Corridor smoke/fire dampers

Air Control Dampers

Air control dampers, also known as volume balancing dampers, are used when airflow is in need of being controlled for a variety of reasons. The actuated blades are meant to help regulate, or even stop, the flow of air inside a duct or a particular piece of air-controlling equipment. With HVAC dampers, the actuated blades work to allow you to control the amount of air flow, both hot and cold, that is being directed to your desired areas.

Damper systems work a bit differently than if you were to open or close off a vent in a particular zone. Closing off a vent still allows for the cold or warm air to flow through a duct until it reaches the closed area. With an HVAC damper, it can hold air back, or move it through, more efficiently since it is installed closer to the main opening of the air flow source. This is much more efficient since it cuts back on wasted heated or cooled air by allowing it to be re-distributed to open zones.

Additional Benefits of Air Control Dampers

We offer air control dampers with parallel blades, which are ideal for systems that may require a fully opened or closed damper. It also provides more control when needed near the top end of your damper.  Opposed blades are also offered for systems looking to regulate an even airflow distribution further downstream from your damper. If you require a motor installation on an extended shaft, manual hand quadrants, or jamb and blade seals, we can accommodate those needs as well. Our jamb and blade seals are a great option to consider if you are looking to reduce airflow and are offered in stainless, galvanized, and aluminum.

Among our air control damper selections you’ll find:

●     AC-30 Spiral Duct Air Control Damper

●     AC-10AF Parallel Blade Air Control Damper

●     COMBO-23 Combo Air Control Damper (4″Louver&Quadrant)

Backdraft Dampers

What is a Backdraft Damper?

A backdraft damper is an essential part of your ventilation system that helps ensure it works properly. A backdraft damper helps regulate airflow throughout each area, providing healthy, quality air. It is designed to move contaminated air out while preventing it from recycling back in.

Backdraft dampers also help alleviate unwanted odors as well as stale air that may otherwise linger in various spaces. Harmful fumes and vapors in many work areas can be avoided with the installation of quality backdraft dampers. They can help increase the air quality while reducing health risks for workers in conditions such as these.

Among our backdraft damper selection, you’ll find various options including:

Additional Benefits of Backdraft Dampers

Not only will backdraft dampers keep contaminated air from coming in, but they are also designed to keep unwanted cold air out. Backdraft dampers have the benefit of helping prevent backdrafts while getting rid of unwanted warm air from various heating sources. This significantly improves the air flow in your areas of concern.

Ceiling Radiation Dampers

A ceiling radiant damper protects the HVAC by limiting the transfer of radiant heat into the concealed space when installed in the ceiling membrane of a fire-resistance rated floor-ceiling or roof-ceiling assembly. One benefit of our ceiling radiation dampers is the easy customer access for circumstances that arise such as maintenance or fuse replacement. Our dampers are spring loaded and can be installed in register boxes and boots, with various options including insulated or non-insulated boxes, 90-degree, end and straight boots.

A few of our ceiling radiation dampers include:

●     CRD-50 Rectangular Ceiling Radiation Damper

●     CRD55-EA Round Easy Access Ceiling Radiation Damper

●     CRD45-LT Blanket Ceiling Radiation Damper

●     CRD50-EA Rectangular Easy Access Ceiling Radiation Damper

Corridor Smoke/Fire Dampers Combos

Corridor smoke/fire dampers are used in HVAC ducts to help prevent the possible spread of fire throughout the ductwork found in walls and floors that are fire-resistant. It helps contain the smoke and fire within the ducts when necessary. This PFP (Passive Fire Protection) is performance tested by AMCA International and in compliance with:

  • California State Fire Marshal
  • British Standards
  • HKFM Hong Kong Fire Marshal Approval

Our two options for Corridor smoke/fire dampers include:

●     CFSD-222-1-PB 1-Hour Ultra Low Leakage Corridor Fire Smoke Damper

            Fire Rating: FSDL Fire Rating 3 Hours

●     CFSD-222-2-PB 1-Hour Low Leakage Corridor Fire Smoke Damper

Fire Rating: FSDL Fire Rating 3 Hours

Not in need of a smoke/fire damper combination? We have fire damper and smoke damper options to fit your needs. Fire safety is always a priority at Lloyd, so we’re dedicated to offering a wide range of fire protection products made from the highest quality materials. Our years of perfecting our fire protection equipment and manufacturing processes will give you peace of mind.

Whatever your HVAC needs may be, we are here to help ensure you are armed with all the information you need to make the best selection. You’ll find dedicated representatives in your area who can provide you with additional specs and quotes on any of our products. You’ll even find our convenient Lloyd Industries Inc. product catalog here. Visit our product selection and request your quotes today.