What are Aluminum Louvers?

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Aluminum Louvers

Aluminum louvers are extremely important for the proper ventilation in homes and buildings throughout the world. Aluminum louvers serve dual purposes as intake and exhaust ventilation. In homes, aluminum louvers can be found in basements to improve the air flow. They are nearly impenetrable by humans or larger animals due to the aluminum material so security will never be an issue.


Aluminum Louver Collection
Aluminum Louver Collection


Drainable and Non-Drainable Aluminum Louvers

Drainable aluminum louvers are manufactured in a way that provides protection from wind driven rain and weather. The thick extruded aluminum chevron style blades are angled. This alleviates moisture from behind the louver by channeling the water into jambs which guides the water through vertical downspouts for escape at the sill. Non-drainable aluminum louvers give architectural aesthetics.

Different Types of Louvers

Louvers come in many shapes and sizes dependent upon its application. There are galvanized, stainless, copper, and aluminum louvers. Some louvers have the ability to exhaust and intake the air. These are called intake/exhaust combo louvers. There are also channel frame louvers, flanged, and chevron blade louvers. The different types and shapes of louvers is nearly endless as many structures will have custom louvers for aesthetic purposes.