What Are Roof Curbs?

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Do you know what roof curbs are? Unless you’re a contractor or roofing expert, chances are the answer is no. Whether you’re building a brand-new home or you’re looking to update an existing office building, having a bit of knowledge about the different types of roofing products is beneficial. This blog will give you a brief overview of roof curbs and how they are an essential part of keeping you safe and comfortable in your home or office.

Roof Curbs 101

Roof curbs are frames used to secure mechanical equipment such as air conditioning units, skylights, or exhaust fans to your roof. A roof curb, like this one manufactured by Lloyd Industries, helps support the weight of the mechanical unit and allows for contractors to gain more convenient access to the ductwork.


When an office or other building is under construction, professional contractors will install roof curbs to help accommodate the HVAC system or other roofing equipment. In order to install roof curbs, contractors must cut a hole in the roof, secure the roof curbs in place, and then place the roofing materials around the sides of the roof curb. Once the roof curbs are installed, the supply and return ductwork for the building is connected to the curb’s openings, secured in place, and then sealed to ensure an air-tight seal.

Styles of Roof Curbs 

Roof curbs come in a variety of styles. Contractors can choose from pitched roof curbsinsulated canted curbs, self-flashing pitched curbs and even custom roof curbs. It’s important to discuss the different installation requirements for your needs with your contractor before choosing an HVAC system or roof curbs to ensure you find the best fit for your building, saving save you time, money, and frustration in the long run.

Changing Roof Curbs

As with most electrical equipment, eventually, your roof curbs will need to be exchanged, typically when you replace the building’s HVAC system. As technology changes and evolves, so do the designs of HVAC and ductwork systems. When a building needs an upgrade to its HVAC system, chances are that the new system will be a different size and or shape than the existing roof curb. If this is the case, the building owner has two choices: remove the unit, take out the existing roof curb, install a new roof curb, redo the ductwork to accommodate the updated HVAC and roof curb, and then install the updated equipment, or purchase and install a roof curb adapter. One of these options is easier and less expensive than the other, but it depends on an owner’s personal preference as to which option works best for them.

The team at Lloyd Industries has perfected its design and manufacturing processes over several decades to create the best quality roof curbs on the market. Whether you’re looking to update your existing HVAC and need a roof curb adapter or you’re installing a brand new system, Lloyd Industries has the variety of roof curbs you need to keep your building comfortable and secure year-round.