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Home and business owners alike have a variety of concerns to worry about when protecting their dwelling from whatever life throws at it. While many people automatically think of the more obvious forms of protection, including fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and alarm systems, one thing that can be overlooked is fire dampers. Let’s take a look at what fire dampers are, how they work with active and passive fire protection plans, and why they’re so crucial to keeping your business safe and secure. 

Back to the Basics

Unless you’re experienced in construction or fire safety, you may not know what fire dampers are or why they are important. A fire damper is a piece of equipment installed with a home or building’s HVAC system that helps prevent the spread of smoke and flames in the event of a fire. Fire dampers feature doors that automatically close when the air around it is heated above a certain point. Hot air melts the damper’s fusible link, which causes the doors to close and the smoke and fire to remain contained in their location. 

Fire Protection Plans

Active fire protection, or anything designed to extinguish or reduce a fire once it has started, is crucial. However, did you know that the majority of deaths related to fires are caused by the inhalation of smoke and toxic gas and not the fire itself? That statistic is why passive fire protection, such as installing fire dampers, is a critical component in creating a comprehensive fire plan that addresses both active and passive fire protection.

In addition to fire dampers, experts like the team at Lloyd Industries recommend smoke dampers to help prevent the spread of smoke and toxic gases as well as flames. Smoke dampers with a factory-installed smoke detector act like fire dampers, except they can detect the presence of smoke and close their doors accordingly. In addition, more high-tech smoke dampers are able to be controlled remotely if necessary. 

Products are also available that consider both concerns. According to Lloyd Industries, “Combination Fire Smoke Dampers are used to prevent the passage of both flame and smoke. These motorized dampers are available in 2 classes; ultra-low leakage (class 1) and low leakage (class 2). 

One Last Thing…

As with most safety features, proper installation and routine maintenance are essential to keeping you safe. Incorrectly installed fire dampers can be fatal if they are not able to accurately detect the presence of smoke or fire in a home or office. Also, parts that may malfunction, break, or be impaired due to the presence of foreign objects can render the system useless as well. Ensuring that you are purchasing reliable equipment from a reputable manufacturer, that the system is installed correctly, and a qualified professional performs routine maintenance is crucial to keeping your home or business safe from unexpected tragedies. 

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