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passive fire protection

What is Passive Fire Protection?

If your house or office is on fire, the only thing on your mind is saving yourself. When people experience an emergency — whether it’s a fire, car accident, or even cutting your finger in the kitchen — hindsight is always 20/20. Understanding the ways that passive fire protection, such as fire dampers and fire-resistant […]

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fire protection

How to Protect Your Home with Passive Fire Protection

Most people know to keep a fire extinguisher on hand for passive fire protection, not to toss water on a grease fire, and to check the smoke alarms installed in their homes regularly to ensure they’re working as part of passive fire protection. These safety measures are part of a system called active fire protection […]

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fire code 80

Fire Code 80: Protecting Lives and Property

Fire Code 80 regulations exist and are implemented to help prevent fire hazards and protect us from harm. The NFPA, also known as The National Fire Prevention Association, has numerous Fire Code 80 regulations, codes, and standards to make sure everything in our daily lives is as fire-safe as it can possibly be. NFPA and […]

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