What Are Smoke Dampers?

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How much do you know about smoke dampers, fire dampers, and passive fire protection products? If you’re like the majority of people in the world, expertise on smoke and fire dampers isn’t common knowledge. Thankfully, the team at Lloyd Industries is here to provide basic education on the importance of smoke and fire dampers and how they are a crucial aspect of protecting our homes and offices.

What Are Smoke Dampers? 

Smoke dampers are passive fire protection products that help reduce the spread of smoke and other gasses from one space to another during the event of a fire. Sheet metal contractors or heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) experts install smoke dampers into air conditioning and ventilation ductwork or physical smoke barriers such as walls or ceilings.

How Do Smoke Dampers Work? 

The operation of smoke dampers is quite simple. When a fire alarm system such as a smoke detector or a fire suppression system detects smoke, they trigger the activation of the smoke dampers. An electric or pneumatic actuator, also known as a mover, then closes the smoke dampers, preventing the spread of smoke.

Why Are Smoke Dampers Important

Think about the way that your heating and air conditioning ductwork run throughout your home or office. A series of ducts connect rooms to a single HVAC unit that distributes air into each space. Think about what would happen if smoke was introduced into one of those rooms or into the ductwork itself. The smoke could use the ductwork to spread quickly throughout the entire building.

Smoke dampers, such as those by Lloyd Industries, are a critical part of keeping people safe, especially in building such as hospitals, large offices, and buildings that have central hallways such as apartment buildings and college dormitories. In hospitals and nursing homes, in particular, patients who may be unable to move on their own are at a much higher risk for injury or death if smoke dampers are not in place.

What Are Fire Dampers? 

Fire dampers are similar to smoke dampers, except they help prevent the spread of flames rather than smoke. These dampers are available in two styles: dynamic and static. Fire dampers close when they detect a rise in temperature or when a fire alarm activates. In apartment complexes or townhouses that feature shared walls, fire dampers are essential to prevent the spread of fire between units. Contractors typically install smoke and fire dampers within fire-resistance-rated walls to help block smoke and flames from overtaking an entire complex if one unit experiences a fire. In addition to serving as fire dampers, styles also exist that are combination fire and smoke dampers.

Installing Dampers

Although installing smoke and fire dampers in your home or office can be an excellent way to protect yourself, your family, and your employees, these fire protection products are useless unless a contractor installs them correctly. The team at Lloyd Industries has the experience, support staff, and product variety necessary to keep you safe. Lloyd Industries has been actively manufacturing access doors, HVAC products, and dampers for over 35 years. Contact the team at Lloyd Industries today to find the best smoke and fire dampers for your needs!