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Fire damper products from Lloyd Industries

The Vital Role of Fire Dampers in Ensuring Building Safety: What You Should Know

Fire safety is a critical aspect of any building’s design and construction. During a fire incident, it is crucial to have effective measures in place to contain flames, smoke, and toxic gases. Among the key components of a robust fire protection system are fire dampers. Alongside smoke dampers, CRD boots, and backdraft dampers, these devices […]

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commercial fire dampers

Why Use Commercial Fire Dampers

Places that we visit on a daily basis, such as shopping malls, hotels, offices, stadiums, restaurants, and hospitals, should all have plans in place for how to respond in the event of a fire, and those plans start from the moment the building design is conceptualized. Let’s look at how commercial fire dampers play into […]

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Building codes and fire dampers

Understanding Building Codes and Fire Damper: What You Should Know

Whether you’re building new construction or renovating an existing structure, ensuring your fire protection products meet the code requirements is critical – not just for legality but to ensure the safety of building occupants. So, let’s take a look at how building codes mandate where fire dampers are required, fire damper installation guides, installation recommendations, […]

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Brick vent

The Importance of Brick Vents: What You Should Know

Remember the tale of “The 3 Little Pigs”? The one who lived in the brick house saved his brothers, who had made their homes of straw and sticks, because he knew, like people worldwide, that brick is a sturdy building material. For centuries, people have utilized bricks, depending on them to deliver a well-established, safe […]

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HVAC louver

Controlling Your Air With an HVAC Louver

When defining an HVAC “louver,” you may first bring up the most common definition, a window covering that allows light in. But when we look at “louvers HVAC (Heating, Venting, and Air-Conditioning),” we are contemplating the HVAC louvers that take care of us when we aren’t thinking of them – those that let in the air. […]

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Self flashing pitched roof curbs

Are Roof Curbs Essential for My HVAC System?

Dozens of products work together to make your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system effective and efficient. If your HVAC equipment is mounted on your roof, chances are you also have roof curbs. Let’s look deeper at the different types, how they are installed, why they’re essential, and how to incorporate a roof curb […]

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Steel Cant Equipment Rails

Equipment Rails: Keeping your HVAC Unit Safe and Secure

“We’ll just wing it.” That isn’t really a phrase you want to hear when you’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars – if not more – to ensure your commercial building is the safest. That’s where equipment rails come in. Let’s see how these equipment supports ensure the safety, reliability, and longevity of your rooftop […]

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