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Access Doors 101

Imagine your dream office building. Sweeping windows, natural light, streamlined features, and equipment. Unlimited coffee and snacks in the breakroom, maybe? Chances are, regardless of your profession, you don’t imagine what the HVAC looks like or what type of fire suppression system you would install. That’s where the team at Lloyd Industries comes into play. […]

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Stainless Steel Access Doors

Stainless Steel Access Doors Stainless steel access doors are used for entry into to ductwork to access fire products. They can either be fire rated or not. An access door can be specially built for your particular application. There are also many different standard types of access doors in case you do not need a […]

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Fire Door Regulations

Regulations for Fire Doors As with any fire rated protection equipment, there must be regulations to ensure the safety of structures and its inhabitants. Without regulations, manufacturers could cut corners to save money or use inferior materials that could fail under intense heat. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), is the organization that sets the […]

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Air Control Products

Air Control Products for Safety Lloyd Industries, Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of air control products that reside in structures around the world. We have been in the HVAC business for over 35 years. Our specialties include fire safety air control products such as fire dampers, access doors, smoke dampers, backdraft dampers, and more. […]

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