Why is Fire Code 80 Important?

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Fire codes and regulations exist and are implemented to help prevent fire hazards and protect us from harm. The NFPA, also known as The National Fire Prevention Association, has numerous regulations, codes, and standards to make sure everything in our daily lives is as fire-safe as it can possibly be. For almost 125 years, members of the NFPA have been keeping the rest of us safe, and we here at Lloyd Industries are no different. Safety is our number one priority.

What is Fire Code 80?

Fire Code 80, also known as NFPA 80, is the standard for “Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives.” Used by designers and contractors alike, this standard is the general foundation of requirements when it comes to testing, installation, and inspection of fire-safe equipment.

Why is NFPA 80 important?

NFPA 80 regulates the protective measures taken to prevent smoke and fire from spreading, whether into or out of a building, through any opening. This regulation covers doors, windows, floors, and ceilings. This also includes fire dampers. These protections are vital in all buildings and structures, and this one covers almost any area a fire can get through.

How often is NFPA 80 inspected?

According to this regulation, all assemblies must be inspected annually after initial installation by a qualified professional and then dampers must be inspected every four years after that (except hospitals, which has a regulation of every six years). One does not require certification to perform these inspections. NFPA 80 simply states that a person “with knowledge and understanding of the operating components of the type of assembly being subject to testing” must be utilized. When inspections take place, NFPA requires that everything is documented, especially in the case of fire dampers. Fire damper testing is specifically called out in NFPA 80 and must be incredibly detailed. While it is not required by the regulation, it would also prove helpful during inspection to have plans of damper locations readily available and documented as well.

What do Fire Dampers have to do with NFPA 80?

Fire dampers, like those made by us at Lloyd Industries, are installed in many types of fire barriers. Therefore, they fall under the same regulations and standards as fire doors and other openings. During routine inspections, it must be made sure that any and all dampers can open fully. This goes for smoke dampers as well, which are also available by Lloyd Industries. More can be found on smoke door assemblies and their regulations under NFPA 105, which is often paired with NFPA 80 when looking at fire safety regulations.

Fire codes and regulations save lives multiple times a day, every single day. We at Lloyd Industries strive to make the best and safest products out there. For 35 years, we have aimed to provide safety above all else. From product info, to quote, to guiding along with installation, we are there for you every step of the way. For more information on our fire dampers and other fire protection equipment, visit us here.